EA Project Atlas

The cloud gaming service Project Atlas was announced by EA in October 2018. In September 2019 there was an initial extended test: Selected participants in the EA Community Playtesting program were given access to the service and allowed to try it out for free. There were no regional restrictions.

Access was only possible via a separate app and not via the Origin client, and only via the PC. The technical implementation was being tested, not a finished product, as stated by EA.

Interested parties, whom EA selected according to an undisclosed principle, were able to test the games FIFA 19, Titanfall 2, Need for Speed Rivals and Unravel.

Atlas should also offer Ultra HD at the market launch in any case. However, this and other information about the semi-public beta phase will only be made public via the publisher itself, because all information that players received while participating in the EA Community Playtesting program is subject to secrecy – unless EA allows it to be published. This also applies to the feedback that players provide to EA.

One focus in the test was to be on cross-play and thus the possibility to unite users of different platforms like PC, PlayStation or Xbox. The progress in a game from the test phase should still be usable on the PC after the end of the beta.

For EA, cloud gaming is only a matter of time. Project Atlas is intended to be more than just a platform for the calculation of well-known games in the cloud. With adapted technologies such as the Frostbite engine, AI and social media functions, Atlas is also to become a completely new platform for the implementation of games explicitly for the cloud – EA calls this “cloud-native gaming future”.

In September 2019 PCMag was able to get a first hands on EA Project Atlas.




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