Clastr is a cloud gaming platform that is currently being developed as a startup project. What makes Clastr different from others is that Clastr is a decentralized, peer-2-peer cloud gaming platform. That means that Gamer will pay directly to the PC owner in their area for the time spent using their PC. They are also considering free cloud gaming, but more updates on that to come soon.
Security & user experience are the top priorities. Clastr wants to create a network of gamers who will share their PC’s amongst themselves, via secured peer-2-peer connection & disrupt the current cloud gaming paradigm. 
You will be able to use Clastr on any device – PC, Mac, Smartphone (Android & iOS). Clastr will firstly be available in the EU region, and shortly after that, they want to expand to the US, Asia, Latin America & the rest of the World.

The team is based in Croatia and has started with the development during September 2020. “Early access” Clastr will be launched somewhere after Summer 2021.


As a gamer, you will be able to play any game that you purchased or is free. The only condition is that the Provider has that game installed in his Clastr App.


Clastr will be available in EU region at first, rest of the world later.


Clastr will require a stable internet connection for gamer (over 20 Mb/s down, 10 Mb/s up) and a stable internet connection for provider (over 40 Mb/s down, over 20 Mb/s up).

Connection Test

Connection test will be made every time the gamer connects to a provider. 

Server Locations

Decentralized – servers are where providers are.

Supported Devices

Browser-based, every device


Pricing will be determined dynamically – you will be able to pay less for a lower performance PC and pay more for a higher performance PC. Vice-versa, you will earn more money with a stronger PC, and less money with a lower performance PC.

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