Microsoft xCloud: Cloud gaming for iOS coming soon, Phil Spencer confirms


Xbox boss Phil Spencer personally confirmed on Twitter that cloud gaming with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate will soon be available on iOS devices.

The retail chain Walmart also sells all sorts of gaming accessories, such as Xbox controllers, consoles and so on. However, the Xbox Game Pass is also part of the assortment, with which you can also use cloud gaming via Android devices for free in the Ultimate version. They did some advertising on Twitter and Xbox boss Phil Spencer promptly thanked Walmart for visualizing the use of cloud gaming with the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate very well on their website.

Of course, some Xbox players immediately took advantage of this on Twitter to address Spencer about the fact that cloud gaming still wouldn’t work with the iPhone and iPad. Here, Spencer once again confirmed that it would soon be possible to use cloud gaming with iOS devices.

Now, several well-known people from the Xbox team have confirmed or hinted at this repeatedly – the only question is what Xbox means by “soon”.

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