xCloud: Microsoft’s cloud gaming gets backward compatibility

Source: Microsoft

Microsoft has added backwards compatibility for selected Xbox and Xbox 360 games to the current Android beta of its cloud gaming service:

“Ever since the first Cloud Gaming test phase, the community has wanted to see earlier generation games on mobile devices – and now that’s possible: backwards compatibility is part of Cloud Gaming (beta). Xbox Game Pass Ultimate users can now dive into a collection of true classic games in a whole new way – with a tap on the Android device of their choice. This creates a real retro feeling and turns the smartphone into a handheld console. 16 original Xbox and Xbox 360 games are now available on Android smartphones and tablets – with more games to come.

Dive into the nostalgia of original Xbox titles like Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind or continue your journey with Xbox 360 hits like Banjo-Kazooie, Fable II and Fallout: New Vegas. Additionally, Touch Control is available for select titles such as Jetpac Refuelled, Viva Piñata, and Viva Piñata TIP. Thanks to the connectivity of the Xbox ecosystem, you’ll pick up your game right where you left off last time, regardless of your hardware, using the online feature with players around the world.”

Here’s an overview of all 16 backward-compatible cloud gaming titles:

  • Banjo-Kazooie
  • Banjo-Tooie
  • Double Dragon Neon
  • Fable 2
  • Fallout: New Vegas
  • Gears of War 2
  • Gears of War 3
  • Gears of War: Judgment
  • Jetpac Refuelled (supports Touch Control)
  • Kameo
  • Perfect Dark
  • Perfect Dark Zero
  • The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind
  • The Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion
  • Viva Piñata (supports Touch Control)
  • Viva Piñata: TIP (supports Touch Control)

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