GeForce NOW: Price increase, Priority memberships and Founders for Life

Nvidia’s streaming offer GeForce Now cancels the previous Founders membership. Instead, there will be a new plan called “Priority” for new customers. The feature set remains the same: With Priority, you can join the server queues before the users of the free tier, use longer sessions, and access ray tracing and DLSS. Unfortunately, the price increases: to 9.99 instead of 5.49 Euros / 4.99 Dollars per month.
If you’re an existing customer and are now immediately turned off, you should read on:

Previous Founders subscribers will receive the rate of 5.49 Euros / 4.99 Dollars as a “Founders for Life” reward. This is valid as long as the account is not misused. Those who join later can at least save a little by booking an annual membership: It then costs 99.99 Euros / Dollars.

Nvidia does not give exact reasons for the change and the price increase for new customers. Nvidia says it is opening more data centers to get to more than 20 around the globe. That, combined with the expansion of the available titles and other optimizations, which are planned according to the manufacturer, apparently costs a lot – and that is passed on to the customers.

Nvidia wants to roll out the update 2.0.28 within the next week, which should improve the streaming quality. For example, adaptive Vsync has been implemented, which specifically synchronizes to 60 or 59.94 Hz and thus avoids micro-stutters. In addition, thanks to a new de-jitter technology, higher bit rates will be possible even with unreliable networks. Within the next one to two months, they also want to optimize the preloading, which could reduce the loading times by more than half in some games.

In addition, GeForce Now is now also launching in Turkey with Saudi Arabia and Australia as the next destinations.

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