UK based Fire Power Cloud added to our list of Cloud Gaming Services

The latest addition to our list of cloud gaming services is Fire Power Cloud.

Fire Power Cloud is a UK based cloud gaming service. The machine you will get (they call it Fire Box) is a full Windows 10 PC which is paired to only you i.e. when you log off they don’t spin down your machine and let someone else use it.

Your Fire Box will be paired with an GTX 1080, a close equivilant or something better. They have a range of NVIDIA Graphics Cards from the GTX and RTX lines.

You can connect to your Fire Box on just about every device with an internet connection.

Since a Fire Box is a full Windows 10 PC in the cloud, you can play all your games which you also play locally e.g. via Steam.

Currently no new signup is possible because hardware capacity has been reached.

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